"Warp and Weft" is the third episode of the second season of ITV's Victoria.


Moved by the plight of a silk weaver in Spitalfields, Victoria throws a lavish medieval ball at the palace with all attendees wearing outfits made in the impoverished area. Though a success the event outrages the public.


Discontent is growing in the country, and upon hearing the pleas of a silk weaver of Spitalfields, Victoria decides she must help. Against Robert Peel and her husband Albert’s advice, the Queen decides to have a fantastic medieval ball at Buckingham Palace, where the attendees have to wear costumes made from Spitalfields silk.  

Meanwhile, having received no recent news from Lord Melbourne, Victoria grows increasingly concerned. She sends Emma Portman to check up on her old friend to make sure all is well. 

Despite his initial protests, and struggling to find his place as a Prince Consort and husband, Albert decides that he will wear a crown to the ball. When the ball arrives, it provides the perfect backdrop for old friends to reunite and romances to ignite, but it doesn’t receive the positive response from the nation that Victoria had hoped.



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