"The King Over the Water"is the seventh episode of the second season of the ITV drama, Victoria. It aired on the 8th October, 2017.


Following another attempt on her life, Victoria and Albert travel incognito to the Scottish Highlands to get away from it all, but the trip does not prove to be the romantic retreat she imagined.


After an attempt is made to assassinate Victoria, her and Albert decide to travel to the Scottish Highlands, visiting and staying with the Duke of Atholl. While out on a ride with their entourage, they tire of the entertainment provided, and make an escape to the countryside to spend time alone. They become lost, and seek refuge with an elderly couple in their small home. Victoria and Albert find themselves at peace with this freedom, but are eventually found the following morning. Drummond, who is scheduled to enter into a marriage for political purposes, enjoys his time with Lord Alfred Paget, and they passionately kiss each other. Ernest receives news that the Duchess of Sutherland's husband has passed away, making her a widow, and his attempts at flirting with her come to be successful.

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