Miss Cleary

Miss Cleary is junior dresser to Queen Victoria in Season 2 and The Christmas Special. Miss Cleary is from County Cork Southwest of Ireland who had come to England to find work so she could help pay the rent for her family because of the Potato Famine, she wound up in the Chiswick Institute, soon after being offered the role as Junior Dresser to the Queen. At the end of A Soldier's Daughter Mrs Skerrett upset after having a conversation with Mr Francatelli is seen running to her office ignoring Miss Cleary who then introduces herself and gives Mrs Skerrett a handkerchief. Soon after it is revealed that Miss Cleary is a papist but is too afraid to tell anyone because at that time everyone who worked for the Queen were Protestants, Mrs Skerrett promises not to tell anyone saying "We are all entitled to our secrets Miss Cleary".


Miss Cleary is a young woman possibly in her early 20s late teens with dark brown hair which is always tied back and light blue eyes.

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