"Faith, Hope & Charity"is the sixth episode of the second season of the ITV drama, Victoria. It aired on 1st October, 2017.


Horrified by news of the famine sweeping Ireland, Victoria tries to persuade the government to take action. Peel is reluctant to send aid fearing it may destabilise his own party.


Victoria has given birth to a daughter, Alice, and Prince Ernest returns to England for the christening. A severe famine is caused by a potato blight, affecting the Catholic country of Ireland. The vicar Robert Traill receives an apathetic response from the Protestant clergy, writes to the Queen for assistance and she organizes a meeting with him. Peel refuses to help alongside her, claiming that showing any form of favouritism, especially to the Irish, would cause unrest and resentment at home and in the government. Albert works on improving the palace and the city of London's hygiene and sanitation with the Royal Society. Ernest secretly sees a doctor for his syphilis. After meeting with Victoria, Traill falls sick with typhus, and aid is sent not in time to help him and he dies, along with a million of his countrymen. Francatelli, after talking with Cleary about her family, gives her, to pawn, his gold watch to help her family in the time of need; Cleary is later distressed when she discovers that her relatives have immigrated to the United States to escape the famine.


  • First appearance of princess Alice 
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