"Entente Cordiale" is the fifth episode of the second season of the ITV drama, Victoria. It aired on 24th September, 2017.


Concerned that the upcoming marriage between the French King's son and the Queen of Spain will create a dangerous alliance, Victoria sets sail on her first voyage to the continent to try to deter the wily monarch.


Robert Peel appeals to Victoria about his thoughts on the King of France, Louis Philippe I, and the plans for the King's son, the Duke of Montpensier, to marry the Spanish Infanta, Isabel. Peel fears that an alliance between France and Spain could be against the best interests of Britain, and so Victoria travels to France to discuss the matter and persuade Louis Philippe to consider another betrothal. Victoria finds herself annoyed at the King's constant refusal to discuss the topic, and vexed by Albert being unsupportive and distant behaviour. Albert reveals his fear that he may be illegitimate, but Victoria reassures him that who is his father is not her care. They do talk to Louis Philippe about the betrothal and are convinced that he is against the match. Upon return to England, Victoria comes to learn that Louis went ahead with the betrothal. Their frustration is lifted, however, when it is discovered that Victoria is pregnant again.

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