Eliza Skerrett


Not much is known about Eliza at first, but then we learn that she is the cousin of Miss Skerrett. Eliza was meant to work as the Queen's Dresser, but she couldn't because she fell pregnant. Their family agreed that Nancy would pose as Eliza at the Palace and support her cousin and her child. Nancy only told Mr. Francatelli her real name, everyone else called her Miss Skerrett or Eliza.

Almost getting Nancy fired

Things went well until Nancy told Eliza about a thief who broke into the Palace and then Eliza told a newspaper who published the article and paid her for it. An investigation took place to find out who was to blame for betraying the Queen. Mr. Francatelli had been questioned about his expensive pocket watch, to which he replied, "Maybe I have a fairy Godmother." Nancy eventually confessed and was fired by Queen Victoria , much to her dismay. When Victoria told Albert about the whole ordeal, he went to find Miss Skerrett to give her her job back. Victoria was surprised, because she had made the decision thinking the Prince would agree with it.

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