Queen Victoria's Pet

Dash was the pet of Queen Victoria from 1830 till 1840 when he died. He was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was her favourite pet out of them all, and he was Victoria's closest childhood companion because she never spent much time with any people her age. This was due to the Kensington System.


Victoria finds him dead

Dash died in the episode Warp and Weft. This was the same episode that implies Lord Melbourne died in. Victoria came home after visiting Lord M and found her beloved dog dead on the floor. Miss Skerrett was with her and quickly fetched Victoria's husband, Albert.


His funeral takes place in the same episode as his passing, Warp and Weft. A distraught Queen digs his grave herself and that following was placed on his grave.

Here lies


The favourite spaniel of Her Majesty Queen Victoria

In his 10th year

Victoria and Dash

Victoria with Dash

His attachment was without selfishness

His playfulness without malice

His fidelity without deceit


If you would be beloved and die regretted

Profit by the example of


Behind The Scenes

Dash was played by a dog called Tori. She also portrayed Dash alongside Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria.

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