"Comfort and Joy" is the ninth episode of the second season of the ITV drama, Victoria. It is also billed as a Christmas Special, and aired on 25th December 2017.


Christmas 1843, a yet again pregnant Victoria faces the festive season without her beloved Baroness Lehzen. Albert wants to transform the palace into a magical, seasonal, wonderland, but tensions mount when he invites some unwelcome guests.


During the Christmas of 1843, Albert introduces the court to Christmas Trees, and begins decorating the halls for the festive season. He invites Victoria's mother to Christmas, whose presence is not approved by Victoria. An African girl, Sarah, also arrives, as a gift from the King of Dahomey. Victoria tried her best to make Sarah feel welcome and less awkward within the palace, despite Albert's advice. King Leopold continues his attempts to marry Ernest to a princess from Germany, who originates from a wealthy family, but he continues his affair with the duchess Harriet, all the while he is forced to keep the secret of his illness from the duchess. Paget, still mourning Drummond after his death, eventually becomes engaged to Wilhelmina Coke, the niece of the Duchess of Buccleuch. Penge, having hoped to make a considerable deal of money from a railway scheme connecting Leeds to Thirsk, comes to earn nothing from it. Nancy comes into an awkward inheritance from her uncle, which she later declines, and becomes engaged to Mr. Francatelli.

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