Charles Francatelli

Charles Francatelli was the Queen's Head Chef. He first appeared in Doll 123 and we didn't know much about him.

Nancy Skerret

Season 1

He took up a flirtation with Miss Skerrett in season 1. He was quite taken with her, although his feelings weren't at first returned. Towards the end of season 1, Mr. Francatelli gets offered a job elsewhere, which he takes. This leaves a distraught Skerrett behind at Buckingham Palace, who has finally come to the conclusion that she loves him.

Season 2

In season 2, Nancy is promoted to Mrs. Skerrett, after Mrs Jenkins leaves. Queen Victoria had to hire a new chef to fill in Charles's position, although she did not like the new baker's food. Nancy is quested on tracking Francatelli down to ask him back. She indeed does so and is rudely told that he doesn't want to come back. Saddened again, she returns back to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen, however, decides to intervene and manages to bring Charles back. Nancy is very happy to see him, however he isn't to pleased to be back and starts acting cold towards her again and was angered to lose his position at the gentleman's club. In later episodes however, the pair rekindle their relationship and the make plans to go on a date.

Season Three

At the start of season three, Nancy and Charles get married. Due to royal protocol, the Queen's servants must not be married, so Francatelli leaves his post as head chef. He encourages Nancy to leave her job as the Queen's royal dresser. During this time, he buys a hotel for himself and his wife to run. It is quickly revealed that Nancy is pregnant, but she falls ill due to the London cholera outbreak, and dies. Charles is then widowed.

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