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Louise Lehzen[]

Lehzen was a very good friend of Victoria. They had been with each other from Victoria being as young as five years old when Lehzen became her tutor and Governess. Due to the Kensington System, Lehzen was required to be with Victoria until she was dismissed by the Duchess of Kent at midnight. She was also required to hold the princess' hand when she descended down the stairs. Over the years the two of them became very close, the governess becoming a mother figure to the young princess.

Season 1[]

On the day she became Queen, Victoria put the Baroness in charge of her household.


The Baroness was dismissed by Victoria at Albert's request. The Prince believed that Louise was trying to get his daughter Victoria, the Princess Royal, ill. The young royal had been exposed to cold air, which subsequently gave her a cold and Lehzen had been the one to insist on the windows' being opened. Victoria's cold became very bad and a doctor was called. Eventually her fever broke, much to the delight of everyone. Victoria said goodbye to her old friend in an emotional moment.